Kauai Vacation Rental  Condo   303 Prince Kuhio Kauai, Hawaii

303 Prince Kuhio - Kauai, Hawaii
Comments from our guests...

...the view was super and I absolutely loved going to sleep with the sound of the ocean and the warm gentle sea breeze blowing through the jalousies. In the morning we watched the sun rise out over the park...

...my sister who was also coming to Kauai, was so hesitant about staying anywhere I found on the internet that she decided to stay at (a resort)...As for my sister and her fancy resort...when they stopped by...she
was green with envy...her first words were " I can't believe your view, we can hardly see the ocean from
our place and you paid how much?"

...whomever does the cleaning needs to be congratulated. My wife runs her own cleaning service and gave the place a very thorough inspection. Right away, this is a priority for her, she checked the corners and the bathroom announcing that it was 'super clean, even the trim and corners'!

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303 Prince Kuhio Poipu Kauai Hawaii
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